For a girlfriend that is very precious, you could only eat the lady right up

There’s something very attractive about an edible nickname. What type of dishes does your own girlfriend remind your of? Are she nice like a lollipop or does she need a Mediterranean vibe like an olive? Find the food-inspired nickname thata€™s right for you:

Nicknames that match your special ladya€™s qualities

If her dimples drive your insane, this might be one good way to allow her to discover.

A nickname with romantic connotations considering the classic song by Van Morrison, ita€™s a good one for a female with stunning brown sight.

Whether your girlfrienda€™s gorgeous blue-eyes are certainly the girl finest attributes, you cana€™t get rid of using this quick nickname.

In the event the female are a girl with red hair, this may be the main one. Positive, you can develop anything significantly less straightforward, like a€?cherrya€™ or a€?embera€™, but therea€™s some thing immediate and cool about only a€?reda€™.

Like a€?bootyliciousa€™, this 1 contributes some sexiness your union by letting you are sure that that she has an amazing after. You can choose a€?bubble butta€™ or a€?sweet butta€™ or any number of variations. Whatever solution you decide on, this is just for a woman who willna€™t self a nickname that singles on a tremendously particular, sexualized bodily trait.

Nicknames from around the world


There will be something very immediately intimate in regards to the French language, offering these nicknames an instantly enjoying feel.

Virtually indicating a€?my very little cabbage leafa€™, this will be a favorite phrase of endearment in France.

This merely indicates a€?my darlinga€™, though it sounds a whole lot more romantic in French.

Simply meaning my appreciation, this is actually a timeless.

This practically implies a€?my dolla€™, and is also a great option for a girlfriend would youna€™t notice receiving treatment like a female.


The Spanish posses a track record for desire, consider deliver some Latin style towards union.

Literally meaning a€?half an orangea€™, here is the perfect strategy to let her discover she finishes you.

During Spain this merely suggests a€?lovea€™ or a€?darlinga€™, perhaps not the essential passionate nickname, anything special happens when you utilize they in English.


What-is-it about the Latin dialects? Italian nicknames are simply just because passionate since their Spanish counterparts.

Indicating a€?treasurea€™, this package teaches you genuinely cost their.

This simply indicates a€?angela€™, but is a little more exciting compared to the English variation.

Simply indicating a€?beautifula€™, this option try beautiful.

If you’re experiencing dog prefer, try this one surger daddy. Which means a€?puppya€™, that one is ideal for that girl who is added sweet.

Will be your sweetheart nice? Thata€™s exactly what this nickname suggests, therefore certainly provides additional pizzazz than a€?sweetiea€™.


Which means a€?my lovea€™, this center eastern solution provides a fantastic ring to they.


This really is slang for a€?sweathearta€?


Although this onea€™s literal definition, a€?little poopa€™, may seem like the very last thing a girl would want to end up being also known as, there will be something undeniably lovable about this nickname from Netherlands.

While selecting a cute nickname isn’t straightforward, you also shouldna€™t overthink they. For all men, a pet label for the girl you love can come naturally and rather than you choosing a nickname, the nickname will pick your. If it keepsna€™t happened inside connection, though, dona€™t despair. I hope the guide within list can help you find a cute term to contact their girl which fits perfectly.